Best cleanroom mop for lint free cleaning at pharma plants.

We have refills compatible with any mopping frame in use on your sites.

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The lint free mop refill, made from German microfiber with a 100% polyester slipcover, is suitable for use in pharmaceutical, research lab, cleanrooms and many industries. The SpringMop lint free mop heads are perfectly designed for ultimate absorbency and seriously low particle shed with lower prices.

Cleanroom Flat Mop by SpringMop

German microfiber on the one hand helps to capture the finest particulates and contain liquid ingredients, and on the other the high quality woven polyester cover provides protection from lint as well as chemical compatibility with regular solutions used in laboratories and cleaning rooms enhances.


It is explicitly designed for cleanroom applications, but one must look for full features to understand the usefulness of cleanroom mop for such areas:

Quality Construction

A highly absorbent German microfiber material professionally placed under the non-linting polyester sleepover for the safest and exceptional cleaning. Professionally stitched edges provide unsurpassed particle control.

Effective Solution

This combination of microfiber and polyester ensures minimal surface microbial contamination. It removes residue and fine dust particles while applying the disinfectant with better contact time on the surface.

Proven Product

This unique pattern provides optimum gliding even on high friction and non-skid cleanroom floors. This cleanroom mop pad is the proven product for removing contaminants and has superior abrasion resistance to targeted areas.

High absorption

The world class microfiber inside the pad provides high absorption (600 times its own weight) while collecting spilled liquids, which also aids in applying disinfectants.


Highly compatible cleanroom mops to adapt to different frames of most branded and non-branded cleanroom mops. You can save a huge amount by using lint free mop head replacement refills.

Saves Time

These refills have perfectly designed pocket or velcro backing, they fit within seconds and are ready to use.

Lintfree Mops by SpringMop

Lint Free Mop Material

Fabric: 100% Microfiber with Polyester Slipcover

Fabric Color: White

Flaps: Virgin Plastic

Pockets: Long-lasting 100% Polyester

Pharma Mop Cover by SpringMop
Cleanroom Mop System by SpringMop
Lint Free Head by SpringMop

Compatible to frame types:

Cleanroom Vertical Mop for T Bar SpringMop

T Bar

Cleanroom Pads for Hand Scrubbing Tool SpringMop

Hand Pad Holder

Cleanroom Mops for Hand Pad Holder Vertical Cleaning SpringMop

Manual Pad Holder

Cleanroom Mops SpringMop for Collapsible Frame

Collapsible Frames

Cleanroom Mops for Collapsible No Touch Frame

No Touch Frames

Cleanroom Mops for Folding Plastic Frame SpringMop

Folding Plastic Frames

Cleanroom Mops for Velcro Frame by SpringMop

Velcro Frames

Cleanroom Mops for Flat Frame SpringMop

Flat Frames

Cleanroom Mops for Folding Wire Frame SpringMop

Folding Wire Frames

Cleanroom Mops for Folding Wire Frame Large SpringMop

Wire Frame Large

Cleanroom Mops for Scissor Mop Frame SpringMop

Scissor Mop Frames

Cleanroom Mops for Spray Mop SpringMop

Spray Mop Frames

Available refill styles, suiting to above frames:

2 or 3 hole Flaps

Flap with 1 side Pocket

Full velcro backing

Pocket at both sides

One side Velcro Pocket

Available Sizes:

All sizes available to suit branded and un-branded mop frames.

Can be customized on specific demand.

Can be customized as per NABL – HACCP color coding.


This 100% original German Microfiber pharma mop cover with lint-free design is recommended for cleaning super sensitive areas such as:


Research lab

Food industry


Paint Shops

and many more

Life of the product:

Durable product that lasts up to 500 times washing cycle.