Complete guide to choosing the right Dry Damp Mop System which is best for Cleaning.

Dry Damp Mop System by SpringMop

SpringMop® Damp Mop Solution

When you’re looking for a hardworking, versatile, and long-life floor mop, nothing can beat this Pro Flat Frame Mop Set. Refills of such mops are not only economical but also easy to replace. We have noticed frequent problems faced by users regarding the quality of the holder, which usually breaks during use or replacement of mop refill. Our R&D team studied this topic critically and made this advanced flat mop holder.

While manufacturing this Flat Frame Mop Set, we have not only kept reasonable landing cost but have never compromised on the quality and appearance of this range.

SpringMop Damp Mop Solution 50cm

Advantage with SpringMop Hardwood Floor Mop Set

The Springmop Pro Flat Frame Mop Set is a high quality professional mop for quick floor cleaning which includes:

1. SpringMop® MS Handle 150cm or Pro AluGreen Handle 140cm

2. SpringMop® Pro Flat Mop Frame – 50 cm (color coded)

3. SpringMop® Microfiber Runner Mop Refill 50 cm

SpringMop Hardwood Floor Mop Set

This design of flat frame is suitable for small to large finished floors and are specially designed to maneuver even in tight corner sand cramped areas.

Cross contamination of germs and viruses is also considered when manufacturing and these are available in HACCP color coding.


Microfiber Damp Mop Cleaner Set

Precise cleaning

Flat mops are also more efficient at cleaning tight areas where a string mop won’t reach. The flat mop will always be more effective in such tight corners.

Multiple pad options

As a standard we are providing microfiber mop head with this flat mop, but this frame and handle set can be used with a variety of mop heads such as acrylic mops, lint free pharma mops and fringe mops. All such replacement refills are also available with us in all sizes.

Minimize lint

One or two lint fibers can spoil the overall cleanliness, so flat frames with high quality microfiber mop heads are preferred these days. This reduces the fiber left behind which is a major problem with cotton sting mops.

Less break-in time

This flat mop is ready to use even in damp or wet cleanings with various kind of pads, you can cover larger areas without washing them again and again unlike cotton mops where repeated washing and break-in time is to be considered while cleaning.

Easy to change pads

Although we have color coded options as per HACCP and NABL color coding system, but if you have single mop set you can still changes the mop pad between areas easily to eliminate the risk of cross contamination.

SpringMop Solution for Damp Cleaning
Runner Microfiber Fringe SpringMop
The Replacement Pads (Microfiber Refills)
SpringMop Replacement Pad with Piping
SpringMop Replacement Pads
Runner Fringe Pad SpringMop
Runner SpringMop Replacement Pad Pocket

High quality material

This SpringMop® Mircrofiber Runner Mop Refill is 50 cm wide and made up of 94% Microfiber | 4% PP | 2% PES.

German technology

The material is manufactured by world class German technology.

Long-life backing

The backing cloth of SpringMop® Mop Refill is made from thick woven cotton yarn, which do not loses shape and has a longer life than commonly available products.

Better productivity

We deliver the exact size we are committed to; hence our Mop provides better area coverage than other Cotton Dry Mop refills. This saves time and manpower especially in large areas.

Easy to clean

This Refill is washable over and over again with potable water and regular cleaning liquid.

Excellent packing

This mop refill comes with an individual poly pack. So that you can take out the pieces as needed and the other refills don’t get wet and dirty. Such packing is good for large inventory.


These replacement mop head removes and picks up dust, hairs, micro particles, spills, stains, odor-causing bacteria, etc.

Areas of usage

This floor mop can be used on the Floors like Hardwood, Wood laminate, Tile, Linoleum, Marble, Formica, Painted Surfaces, etc. and other surfaces like Walls, Ceilings, Windows, Autos, Ceiling Fans, Air Vents as well.


This is certainly a much durable product, which lasts up to 500 times washing cycle.

Ultimate feature

This white mop has blue soft abrasive strips that provide a nice scrubbing effect on the floor for deep cleaning. It delivers excellent performance even on wood floors and various tiles where it deeply cleans grooves and gaps.

Color Coded Grip for Mop Handles

Heavy Duty

Moving away from the normal trend of the market, we offer quite heavy and sturdy handles. This MS handle does not bend during use and is built for long lasting durability.

Color-coded Grip

The mop handles also come with color coded grips following the refill pattern, this helps in identifying them from a distance and can be used for specific areas to avoid cross contamination during cleaning.

MS and Aluminum Options

Apart from the MS handle, a choice of heavy duty and lightweight aluminum handles is also available on special demand.

Color Coded Mop Handles by SpringMop

SpringMop® Pro Flat Frame – 50cm

Impact Resistant

You will no longer have to face accidental breakage of mop holders, as this flat mop holder is made of high quality impact resistant and reusable material, which also helps the environment.

Long life

Whether you have a large or small property, this flat frame will serve with the same stability for years.


The Pro flat mop frame has 360 degree swivel attachment for maneuvering even in tight areas.

Economical yet professional

This smart & economical product is loved by management for its low cost as well as by the user for its performance and professional cleaning.


We recommend using this flat frame with our Half Velcro Pocket Style Mop that attaches quickly to the frame.


The frame can be autoclave for sterilization purposes, so it is popular in the pharma sector and clean rooms.

Individual packing

This mopping frame comes with individual poly pack, to keep them safe and scratch proof during transits.

Color coded

It is available as per HACCP and NABL color coding system, suitable for sensitive and virus prone areas like hospitals and public places.

Damp Mop Frame SpringMop
Red Damp Mop Frame SpringMop
Dry Damp Mop Frame SpringMop
Dry Damp Mop Frame 50cm SpringMop

Product Application:

Dry Mopping

Damp Cleaning

Sanitization of floors



Wood – laminate

Vitrified Tile


Marble and Granite


Painted Surfaces

How to wash the refill?

Manual or machine wash in warm water with mild detergent.

Standard wash cycle of this mop head is up to 500 times.

You can use gentle liquid but never use bleach or fabric softener.

Color coding as per HACCP and NABL

As per housekeeping manuals, It is recommended to avoid cross-contamination. Use colour coded pocha heads and handles as per the following:

SpringMop Damp Mop Blue

BLUE: For general areas like rooms, office, lobby, etc.

SpringMop Damp Mop Red

RED: For toilets, bathroom, butchery, etc.

Damp Mop Green SpringMop

GREEN: For kitchen, food preparation areas, etc.

Microfiber SpringMop Sets

YELLOW: For infected and critical areas, lift, etc.