Smart Colour Coded Mop Heads and Handles by SpringMop®

Fast selling wet mops for all types of domestic and commercial properties.

SpringMop® Smart Colour Coded Mop Set

Cotton mops are considered the most economical wet mops in the world of housekeeping, but that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t expect high quality from a manufacturer of such mops. Better quality means longer life, means you save money every time.

Smart Colour Coded Mop Set SpringMop®

At SpringMop, we ensured that the cotton pochha conforms to world-class standards. While manufacturing Cotton Wet Mopping Refill, Kentucky Holder and Mopper Handle, we have not only kept reasonable landing cost but have never compromised on the quality and appearance of this range.

Advantage with Colour Coded Mops and Handles

The Springmop colour coded mop heads and handles set are the smart and economical solution to professional cleaning needs. In the past few years even DIY users are preferring these advanced wet mops over synthetic round mops for better cleaning.

Advantage with Colour Coded Mops and Handles

These wet mops are suitable for small to large floors and are specially designed to maneuver even in tight and cramped areas.

Cross contamination of germs and viruses is also considered when manufacturing and refills and handles are available in HACCP color coding.


Color Coded Mops for Cleaning – Cut Ends and Loop Ended

High Quality Yarn

This SpringMop Smart Wet Mop Refill is made from 100% regenerated, twisted cotton yarn that has high tensile strength to ensure long life and minimal thread left on the floor during wet cleaning.

Easy To Wash

The Smart Floor Mop Refill is washable over and over again with potable water and regular cleaning liquid. You can also use a wringer bucket or a trolley to wash and squeeze this mop.

Excellent Packing

Smart Cotton Refill comes with an individual poly pack. So that you can take out the pieces as needed and the other refills don’t get wet and dirty. Such packing is good for large inventory.

SpringMop Color Coded Mops Cut Ends
SpringMop Color Coded Mop Heads 300gms
6″ Fixed Color Coded Mop Holder
SpringMop Color Coded Mop Holder Red Cap

Unique Design

The unique and advanced design of the mop holder is extremely comfortable. The width of the holder is fixed and it is 6″ wide for better grip.

Impact Resistant

You will no longer have to face accidental breakage of mop holders, as this smart mop holder is made of high quality impact resistant and reusable material, which also helps the environment.

Color Coded Mop Handles

Heavy Duty

Moving away from the normal trend of the market, we offer quite heavy and sturdy handles. This MS handle does not bend during use and is built for long lasting durability.

Color-coded Grip

The mop handles also come with color coded grips following the refill pattern, this helps in identifying them from a distance and can be used for specific areas to avoid cross contamination during cleaning.

MS and Aluminum Options

Apart from the MS handle, a choice of heavy duty and lightweight aluminum handles is also available on special demand.

Color Coded Mop Handles by SpringMop

Product Application:

Wet Mopping

Floor deep cleaning

Sanitization of floors



Wood laminate

Vitrified Tile


Marble and Granite


Painted Surfaces

How to wash the refill?

You can wash it under Faucet and dry or rinse out in the bucket water; you can also use dual bucket wringer trolley for washing the mop.

Color coding as per HACCP and NABL

As per housekeeping manuals, It is recommended to avoid cross-contamination. Use colour coded mop heads and handles as per the following:

Smart Wet Mop 350gm Loop End Blue

BLUE: For general areas like rooms, office, lobby, etc.

Smart Wet Mop 350gm Loop End Red

RED: For toilets, bathroom, butchery, etc.

Smart Wet Mop 350gm Loop End Green

GREEN: For kitchen, food preparation areas, etc.

Smart Wet Mop 350gm Loop End Yellow

YELLOW: For infected and critical areas, lift, etc.