SpringMop® Ergo Spray Bottle 600ml Capacity.

Professional design food-grade plastic bottles for multiple applications.

The Foodgrade Plastic Bottle by SpringMop®

You were using such spray bottles to clean and wipe surfaces but post COVID this product has become an essential part of any home and office. You may have used many such trigger sprayers for sanitizing, cleaning and room freshener sprays, but they do not last long, either the trigger stops working or its cap starts leaking.

Ergo Spray Bottle 600ml SpringMop

Check out our Springmop® Mist Spray Bottle 600ml with Trigger that has a SS304 spring, making it a long lasting and zero complaint product. Its nozzle output per stroke is approximately 0.7ml continuously.


This SpringMop Ergo Spray Bottle 600 ml is useful for many household and commercial applications such as:

Spraying Cleaners

You can spray diluted or ready-to-use cleaners on surfaces or fabrics during various cleaning and housekeeping applications at home and commercial properties.

Spray Sanitization

This sprayer is often used by our customers to clean hard surfaces, tables, door handles and even hands. Since it is spraying liquid in controlled quantity, it is preferred in the market.

Spraying Freshener

Toilet, bedroom or the cabin of your office, if you want to freshen up your surroundings, you can use it with air freshener with the help of this plastic container.

Car Cleaning and Sanitizing

Windshield, Car Body or Dashboard – you need to fill different cleaning products to keep your car shiny and hygienic. You can use the SpringMop sprayer for all liquid cleaners for car cleaning applications.

Cleaning Windows

For cleaning window panes, glass partitions or mirrors in a bathroom or change room, you need a good quality sprayer that sprays diluted glass cleaning chemicals evenly over the surface. This sprayer will help you achieve your goal.

Mist Spray Bottle 600 ml by SpringMop


You can also use this sprayer to deodorize garbage areas or other areas where bad odors need to be suppressed.


This spray bottle is a must for plant lovers; it can also be used for spraying fungicide and to water mist indoor plants especially during summer.

Plant Spray Bottle by SpringMop

Features – The Spray Bottle for Hair Salon

This high-quality 600ml capacity professional design container comes with an adjustable trigger sprayer nozzle.

The Bottles and Trigger nozzle are made of food-grade plastic.

The product is a leak-proof, smart, and economical solution for your daily cleaning needs.

It comes with an individual poly pack.

HDPE Mist Spray Bottle features

Which plastics are used to made this virgin container? The SpringMop® Ergo Sprayer Bottles are made of virgin high-density polyethylene material (HDPE) which ensures the highest product life.

The ergonomic neck of the container provides a better grip while using for multiple applications.

This SpringMop® foodgrade plastic bottle is available in – Milky White and Translucent.

Ergo Spray Bottle by SpringMop 600 ml
The Plant Spray Bottle Trigger Features:

The Trigger Sprayer is having an SS 304 spring make it more durable.

The Nozzle output per stroke is 0.7 ml (approx.)

The functions of the Nozzle are – 1. SPRAY 2. OFF 3. STREAM 4. OFF

Advantages of using SpringMop Oil Spray Bottle


As you are aware, the Aerosol Room Fresheners and other similar packs are harmful for the environment; you can replace that costly and harmful Aerosol Room Freshener and use this SpringMop Ergo Spray Bottle by refilling again and again.

Safety related

Aerosol cans are also unsafe for your family and employees; they are pressurized containers that can burst due to high temperatures in areas such as cars and kitchens. Better get rid of such unsafe product as soon as possible.


Many a times it is seen that the child just sprays the entire container by playing with air freshener or sanitizer, which is a waste of money as well as dangerous, with this trigger sprayer you can ensure controlled spray of liquid.

You can use ergo spray bottle with color-coded triggers to avoid cross-contamination:

Foodgrade Plastic Bottle by SpringMop

BLUE: for general areas like rooms, office, lobby, etc.

Food Grade Plastic Bottle by SpringMop

RED: for toilets, bathroom, butchery, etc.

Oil Spray Bottle by SpringMop

GREEN: for kitchen, food preparation areas, etc.

Spray Bottle for Hair Salon by SpringMop

YELLOW: for infected and critical areas, lift, etc.